Our Services

Collaboration begins with you at the time of initial engagement, understanding business processes and functions in order to lead the architectural process. We remain involved throughout the balance of the project until completion.

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Discovery and Project Assessment Services

Our Project Assessment Services begin with a story. We want to learn about your experiences and understand your business first hand. By listening we can create lasting connections that promote innovative problem solving that fosters a shared understanding regarding possible solutions.


Once we have created that shared vision our team can explore your business needs including conducting prioritization exercises, defining requirements and analyzing possible solutions. Our Project Assessment service brings clarity to solution, understanding of the budget and schedule in order to help you execute.

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Design Services

Our Design Service leverages an iterative process to analyse and predict how you and your users are likely to interact with the solution. We create the design based upon this comprehensive understanding and continuously validate the design with regard to user behavior in real world tests at each stage of the development process.


User-centered design provides the basis for creating the right solution for you. As every business is different we tailor our choice of user experience processes to best serve the needs of your project. Some of the services we provide are outlined below.

User Research

User research is a key element of the user-centred design process. Its purpose is to create knowledge about users, their goals and behaviours, based on evidence. Selected methods include interviews, questionnaires, observations, contextual inquiries.

Interaction Design

Covers both conceptual design (developing a model of what the product will do and how it will behave) and detailed design (adding details such as icons, buttons, menu structure). Iterative process that aims to support the way humans communicate with computers.

Creative Idea Generation

Creativity is a key to future business success and product innovation. With the large number of creativity techniques available, not using them is a wasted opportunity for designing new possibilities.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Graphical representation of an interface, they help planning layout and interactions, show structure, content and controls of that interface. Creating prototypes enables evaluation of designs and supports presentation of the solution to stakeholders and developers.

Interface Evaluation

Used for measuring user experience, such as task completion, time on task, or user satisfaction, as well as for designing for great user experience. Methods as expert inspections or usability testing help finding usability issues, which is the first step to improving the interface.

Infrastructure Engineering

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Solutions Services

Comprehensive solutions capabilities that simplify the architecture, implementation, and operation of your solution. Drawing on experience developing for mobile infrastructure, education applications, transactional e-commerce and business data services we conceive real world solutions.


System design and engineering is qualified by an in depth knowledge of cloud technologies. We design for security, scalability and resilience system wide from central data handling in web installations to privacy protection in distributed mobile applications. Designing in crafted service architectures, high security data storage, communication APIs with encryption and include full back office control.


Our systems run on the key cloud environments from Amazon AWS (EC2 & S3) and Google (Compute & App) which form the core. End users experience the full capabilities of Android and iOS mobile platforms, web users get the benefits of the latest interactive frameworks. Our significant experience in the storage and delivery of media to all platforms are integral to user engagement.


When we move to production, dedicated production teams are available for each project to ensure quality and development continuity. Planned release strategies add features and system capabilities which results in seamless growth of a product. Automated load balancing and auto-scaling together with hands on support maintains a high level of availability for any system deployment.